You’ve found the perfect promotional gift to tell a customer “thank you for your business”.  Or…you’ve been thinking about amping up your marketing. Don’t miss opportunities that are in plain sight. Get customers to engage with your brand. Create an unboxing experience with custom printed boxes.

Custom printed boxes make a big impression and increase your chance of getting repeat business. If you show a customer that you care about how your product is presented, they’re more likely to believe that it’s awesome too. When you take the time to create an unboxing experience, it reinforces your brand and strengthens customer relationships.

You’ve seen those unboxing and product review videos on YouTube. The product is reviewed along with the box it came in. If the package design leaves much to be desired, the product review will start badly. You already know, based on what you purchase, that product packaging can influence buying decisions. Think about one of your favorite companies. Which one has made their packaging part of an overall customer unboxing experience? You know who I’m talking about.

How to create an unboxing experience:

Make a shipping box look pretty. Forget about plain old brown cardboard. Amp-up a shipping box with your branding on the inside and out. When a customer sees printing inside a box, it creates the “wow” factor.

Use bold color. When a box is received in a mail room or lobby, many different people see it. Help make them wonder what’s inside. Boxes with big bold colors help your brand get noticed and subsequently remembered.

Think about the materials. No one wants hundreds of packing peanuts, loads of air pillows, or shipping boxes too big for what’s inside. How about a box with custom printed inserts?  Inserts provide protection and give you more real estate for branding.

Surprise your customers. Make it tactile. Use printed stickers, labels, or multiple levels of packaging with different paper stock. How about using colorful tissue or crinkle paper to match your logo?

Always use sustainable materials where possible. These days, customers make conscious purchasing decisions. Some will pay a premium to get environmentally friendly products.

Put everything in its place. Create a special space for business cards, note cards, or product information. Slip a business card into a paper bow or into an unexpected cut-out. Create a special holder for a thank you card or a sleeve for product information.

Whether you need a shipping box, a promotional box, a gift box, or a specialty box, we can help. Want to learn more?

Watch our video. Imagine the possibilities!

Boxes are customized to your specific requirements. Leave the package design to us, we’ll provide a dieline for your art. Or you can request that we create the artwork. Click to see more samples.

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